“A year from now, you’ll wish you started today. It’s time to overcome all the obstacles that you’ve built up in your mind and make yourself proud.”

Revival Weight Loss established June 2019 is a local Windsor Weight Loss studio dedicated to providing the most effective and fast weight loss results.

With our technology you can lose 1-3 inches each session, something you won’t find at other competitors (wait– before you say, there’s no way… we measure you at the beginning and end so you can see the results first hand). Ta da!

At Revival Weight Loss our philosophy is that health is the most crucial part of a well sustained life. With that being said, each individuals journey is unique and special. To adhere to your specific goals we customize each plan according to the results you are looking to achieve. We offer a variety of different programs to fit a multitude of needs! With one-on-one coaching, meal planning, TRX personal training, Hypervibe personal training, LED-Lipo body sculpting, nutritional plans and many more… we stand by our motto of, ‘DEDICATED CONVENIENT AFFORDABLE.’ What are you waiting for? There is no better time than right now to begin the journey you deserve.