LED-Lipo Body Sculpting

The power of light combined with exercise is a natural and healthy way to lose inches.

This 20 minute session is non-invasive, completely pain free with zero side effects. The best part is you can expect to lose 1-3 inches each session.

The ultra bright and non-invasive LED paddles are held in place against the targeted area by adjustable straps. During the session, the pads are held directly against the skin to optimize results. It is a relaxing treatment that feels similar to a hot stone massage or heating pad. 

Each session is 20 minutes in length and you are required to complete 2 sessions each week for a minimum of 4 weeks (8 sessions) to effectively receive results. After each session we will complete a 10 minute personal training workout on our Hypervibe which will burn off the energy we’ve created through the LED-Lipo pads before it restores itself back inside the cell.

While a nutritionally balanced diet and exercise offer a clear path to weight loss, oftentimes it’s not enough to completely eliminate those stubborn fat pockets and reduce cellulite.