TRX Training

A Leader in Movement

TRX provides world-class training for all, by offering simple equipment, effective workouts and education capable of transforming total-body health.

It’s For Everybody

Whether beginning a fitness journey or pushing toward your summit, TRX Training® helps you move better, feel better, and live better. ALL LEVELS, ALL GOALS means it’s literally for ANYONE: Beginners, Pro Athletes, Runners, Yogis, Cyclists, Cross-Trainers, Service members, Combat Athletes, and more!

It’s Simple

Our simplified approach to training is based on these seven basic movements. Learning them is all it takes to build a better body.

It’s Proven Effective 

Independent science shows that suspension training provides muscular and cardiovascular benefits that can mount to a “tremendous impact on an individual’s overall health.”

Regular TRX Suspension Training reduces waist size and body-fat percentage.
Participants improved in all measures of strength, including leg press, bench press, push-ups, and curl-ups.
Positive effects on blood pressure and muscular performances are likely to significantly decrease the chance of a catastrophic cardiovascular event.